Saturday, September 20, 2014

Long time no blog...

I just got back from a week long vacation. Jim and Jena left a few weeks ago pulling the trailer up the coast. I flew to Seattle last week and he picked me up at SEATAC. We spent the week touring the Olympic National Park. It was wonderful! I'll post some pics of our trip in a while.

Look what Cheryl got into when we were away:

She also has a small cut on the bridge of her nose where she got hit by another surfboard. The cut isn't bad it was more of a result of the impact. She has a little bruising below her eyes, but it's very slight. She wouldn't let me take a picture.

So Cheryl is fine... watch for trip pictures coming soon!!!


Mary said...

OMGoodness!!!! How did she cut her foot? Was it deep? Has it affected her running? So sorry to hear this.

BethieJ said...

I am SORRY she got hurt.. hoping she is all better now, and able to run!!!
Have a GREAT day Joni!!