Monday, September 29, 2014

Washington day 5

After the rain forest, we headed to the beach. We heard about the beautiful beaches along Kalaloch... and they were beautiful!

Another good thing about Kalaloch is that there are a lot of sticks!

A bad thing is that it was cold and windy. So, we headed back inland to Queets Valley, and found a great camp site... along another river.

No swimming for the Jena-girl. The river was too deep, fast, and it is starting to get colder. Here is a view of the river from the camp site:

And here is a view of the campsite from the river:

So, instead of swimming, we went hiking... the Olympic National Park really is BEAUTIFUL!

One more note about our campsite... it came with neighbors...

Yes... it's a flying squirrel! The squirrels are so funny. They love to tease the dogs, and Jena loves squirrels!
Tomorrow we get our first day of rain.


Mary said...

I love flying squirrels! We used to see them from time to time, but I have not seen one in ages. Your pictures are beautiful!

BethieJ said...

WOW Joni.. I dont think I have ever been here before, I am LOVING the pictures.. makes me want to visit!:)