Monday, April 14, 2008

Magic Mountain

I was beat... There's nothing like trying to keep up with four teenagers in an amusement park, LOL! It's the last day of Spring Break. I had to work... the only day I was able to get off was Friday. So, on Friday we headed off to Magic Mountain. It's the kids' first time there, and we let each of them bring a friend. It was a 2 hour drive and a beautiful day in Valencia. It was in the 90's. Perfect for those drenching water rides.

Here are the boys... don't they look like they're too cool? LOL! They're both 15yrs, and we set them loose in the park with money for lunch and a cell phone. The boys rode every roller coaster in the park... some of them twice.

The girls are 17 and 18yrs. They, surprisingly, stuck with us for most of the morning. We headed to Tatsu first, but it wasn't working. Then we headed to Viper. My hubby, Jim, loves roller coasters, but he gets motion sick. After Viper he had to take a rest, and the girls took off. They got stuck in line a couple of times (once when someone got a bloody nose on the ride and the operators had to clean it up, and when Tatsu broke down again). They didn't hit as many rides as the boys, but they did get on all the "must-ride" roller coasters. Jim and I only did three roller coasters and a couple of the water rides. BUT, We saw Bugs Bunny in the Surf's Up parade. LOL!

Here are the kids riding Tatsu... They're in there somewhere... LOL!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

fun fun fun...and you've been on a roll with the books, i see. i'm reading "water for elephants" and then hope to re-read the twilight series=0)