Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekday High School Sports Report

Chris set a 3200m goal of 11:36... and beat it. He ran 2 miles in 11:30... a new PR for him and 15 seconds faster than his last PR! He came in second for Capo Frosh/Soph. I don't know what his place was overall. The Varsity wore their shirts normally. The JV wore their shirts backwards, and Frosh/Soph wore their shirts inside out. It was impossible to tell the backwards shirts from the inside out shirts as they were crossing the finish line. There was big celebrating after the meet! The boys won their second meet of the season!!! They haven't won two meets in one season for the last five years! The boys head coach came over to congratulate the long distance team. He said that the long distance runners won them the meet!

The Capo Lacrosse team lost 8-9 against Trabuco High School. It was a very close game. Cheryl saw her chance and ran the ball down the field. She almost scored!

Now for the soccer... Chris had two games. Saturday, they lost against another Mission Viejo team 0-4. Sunday, they had a much better game... winning 4-0 against Laguna Niguel.

Cheryl played in a College Showcase in Temecula. They couldn't find enough U19 players so had to take two 14yr olds with them. These kids have never played with the team before. As expected, they were creamed! They lost 0 to a gazillion on Saturday, and 0 to half a gazillion on Sunday. It was very sad for the girls who wanted to get scouted by the college coaches.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

good stuff. i dread the days of the kdis having a million activities a week. i'm already complaining;0)

Mara... said...

I love your sport updates Joni!!! Sounds like your son is doing great with the running. Yeah for him!!!