Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekly Sports Report

I have no photos this week... I'll expain why...
Firstly, soccer! Galaxy defeated their in stadium rivals, Chivas 5-2! What an amazing game! Landon Donovan (whose photo you saw last week) scored three out of the five goals! Then Alan Gordon came in and scored 2 more in a matter of minutes! We really like Alan Gordon. He tries so hard... We saw Tom Cruise at the game, but I didn't have my camera with me.

Chris's track meet didn't go very well. He got a cramp during his two mile run and finished in 12:07. He may have been disqualified from competing in CIF next week, we'll have to see. I wasn't at the track meet; I was on jury duty.

Chris's soccer game today was very exciting; so exciting that I forgot to take pictures. Chris assisted a goal! He made a beautiful pass through the midfield to the striker, who scored! We got ice cream tonight at Cherry on Top to celebrate. Unfortunately, he also took a player from the other team down in the box. The PK that Chris caused, along with a red card offense by another player on his team, resulted in a 2-2 tie.

Cheryl's Lacrosse game was another loss to Sage Hill High School 6-7. I hear it was a very close game. Again... I missed it because of jury duty.

Cheryl's coed soccer team, Team BOB, lost Thursday night 4-2. Again, I wasn't there, but she said she saved a goal. Other than that, no other highlights.

Yep, I was on jury duty... It was a DUI. The lady had alcohol and meth in her blood; and she failed the field sobriety test. She was also violent, uncooperative, and was cussing at the police. The trial resulted in a hung jury! It's very frustrating! I feel like I just wasted a week and a half of my life... That's our judicial system in action...

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