Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was so looking forward to this movie! Cheryl took me yesterday as a birthday treat. (And thank-you for the candy money, Mom!) After all the hype. All the anticipation. All the trailers. I finally saw Twilight... and had mixed feeling about it...

I liked the book, and since I liked the book, I liked the movie (the movie was just like the book). But, I think when a book is made into a movie, the movie should bring something to the work (at least something visual that couldn't be conveyed in writing). With that said, here are my thoughts on the movie:

-> I thought the acting was terrible! Anyone one who didn't read the book would hate this for the terrible acting... very cheesy... The pre-teen girls in front of us started laughing during a tense/dramatic part of the movie. I was very tempted to join them.

-> The vampires are supposed to be beautiful. Their make-up was terrible... they looked like YUCK!

-> Seeing Edward sparkle was the only visual effect that I found worthy of making the book into a movie. The fight scene was not worth the cost of special effects.

Another advantage to making a book into a movie, is that it gets kids/teens excited about reading. It's a shame that the Twilight movie won't make the kids want to run out and read this book, because it is a great book!

Side note:
Edward vs. Harry? If we're talking movies and special effects Harry would win. If we are talking characters, Cheryl and I both pick Edward. At over 100yrs, Edward has already passed his pouty teenage years, LOL!

My son is reading the Twilight series. He's just starting Breaking Dawn. I asked him who is better Edward or Harry. He says Edward; Harry is too mean to his friends.

I asked him how he likes the character of Bella. He said that Bella makes a lot of bad choices and she's very annoying.

Reagarding Jacob and Edward... Chris says, "Jacob is really annoying!"

I guess nothing can be so bad to a teenager as being annoying.


CindeeQ said...

Yes! I totally agree. I actually only got to the point when Bella met Edward's parents and I walked out. It was the WORST movie ever. I loved the first book, the second was ok and the third and fourth were just too rushed. I think that the movie was rushed too. It reminded me of a cheesy after school special. Very dissapointing.

Don't you hate spending the $$ on a movie and it's terrible?

Happy belated birthday!

BethieJ said...

I am sorry about your movie Joni! We saw Bolt this weekend.. super cute!! I know totally different! LOL!!! Glad you got to have some fun with Cheryl and go to the show!
I LOL'd at what Chris said.. teenagers are funny and dont annoy them GOT IT! hee hee!! I will need to know that next year :( when I have one of them teenagers!
Happy Holidays to you and your dear family!!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i agree somewhat...supposedly movie 2 is in the works. i think it will continue to have an audience with the teenage readers (and it did get my 13 year old niece who hates to read wanting to read the book) and those adults who are obsessed with the books.

i flip flop on my feelings about it. it could have been better. i think bella was over done and it just felt DRY for some reason. oh, and ita harry potter is much better, but maybe that's because of the budget-better actors, directors, special effects, etc.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

p.s. i saw where someone had flattened their starbucks red cup and included it in their christmas album as a that idea! totally gotta go get me some starbucks now!