Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekly Sports Report

Capo boys XC is going to CIF!!! That's the first time they've been to CIF in 11yrs! The coach is so happy that instead of practice today, he's treating the team to ice cream, LOL! (I wonder if the coach gets paid more if the team makes CIF?) Anyway, the Varsity team did really well, but the sophomore team came in 5th out of 6 teams... The top 3 sophomore runners run varsity, the next top 3 sophomores (the fastest 3 on the sophomore team) were/are all injured. The #1 runner hurt himself at practice this week and is out for 3-6 months. Chris is the #2 runner and this is his second race back after injury (he came in 4th yesterday). The #3 runner is also back after injury for his second race (he came in 6th yesterday). Chris is happy with how he did, and that's what's important. The entire team rides the bus to CIF, but only the Varsity will be running. Chris's XC season is over.

Chris's soccer team won their game last weekend, but missed making playoffs by one point. So, Chris's soccer season is also over.

Cheryl's game was rained out last Tuesday. It is postponed until next Monday... that means she has a game Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Because of their dismal season, the team did not make Regionals. So, Cheryl's soccer season will be over after next week.


Mara... said...

Congrats on making CIF!! That is a huge accomplishment, yeah!!!

On that running note, I just signed up for the Huntingbeach half marathon in February. Are you game???? :-)

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Wow! Such an accomplishment to make CIF! Are they sad at all to see the seasons come to an end? BTW, fabulous action shots!!

mel said...

woo hoo CONGRATS!!
AWESOME pics girlfriend great action shot.

BethieJ said...

That is GREAT about CIF! Congrats!! Now whatever will your kiddos do with the Seasons over! do they play other sports??
Hope your having a GREAT weekend Joni!!!