Monday, February 2, 2009

Run Surf City!

It was unbelievably crowded! The starting line was CRAZY!!! The finish line was even CRAZIER!!! Nevertheless, we had a great time, and did really well! My last half-marathon was 2:16. I wanted to finish under 2:10. I came in at 2:06... a new PR for me! Chris's last half-marathon time was 1:50. We estimated Chris to finish at 1:45. He finished at 1:40... a new PR for him! Hooray for us!

Here's the starting line... You can see how crowded it was! There wasn't even room to move! My friend Mara came down from the Santa Barbara area to run the race, but we couldn't meet up. We were never in the same place at the same time. It was impossible to find each other!

You can see how cold Cheryl is... it was damp and foggy at the start of the race.
Here are a couple of photos that Cheryl took of our finishing:

Chris's comments about the race: "That's a LOOOOONG street!" LOL! He's referring to Pacific Coast Highway. We ran from Huntington Beach to Seal Beach. I was amazed at how many clothes were being discarded. I knew it would warm up, so I wore a tanktop and shorts. But I guess other runners were getting too hot, taking their clothes off and throwing them off on the side of the road. I passed gloves, hats, long sleeve shirts, and jackets! Lots of them!

When asked if he had fun, Chris said, "Yes! When's the next half-marathon!" I think he's HOOKED!

We're resting up today, and taking stock of injuries... I came away with only a small blister on my toe and a shirt rash on my inner arm. Chris has a bloody heel, and at last count 4 blisters.


Mara... said...

congrats on the run Joni!!!! I will agree with your son...that was one LOOOONG road! LOL!!! there were moments I thought it would never end. :-) So sad we didn't meet up, but I will definitely be running again. I like the length of the half marathon, totally reasonable to train and have a normal life at the same time. :-) What's next??????

Mary said...

Congratulations! Chris looked like he was feeling the blisters at the end of the race. You both did an amazing job and I am proud do say that you are my friend.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

congrats!!! u (and chris) rock!!

BethieJ said...

CONGRATS JONI!! and Chris!! Great job to you both!! Looks like a BEAUTIFUL day for a run!!