Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Season Begins...

This week is the first week of Spring soccer.
Cheryl plays on two teams: an adult co-ed team (BOB) and an AYSO team. Her adult team has to have at least 4 women on the field. Unfortunately, only two women were there at the start of the game, so the team had to play two players down. By the time the other two women showed up, the team was down 0-2. Cheryl played the whole game and she played hard... she ended up taking the skin off the back of both of her heels.

Cheryl's AYSO game didn't go any better. Cheryl can hardly run with her ruined heels. This team also ended up losing 0-2.

Chris was amazing today! He played defender and stuck with his mark like glue... and he never got tired. His team ended up WINNING 3-2. The two goals scored by the other team were when Chris was out.

Cheryl's next BOB game is Wednesday night. Her AYSO team has a buy next weekend. Chris's next game is Sunday, 1:30 at World Cup.


Mary said...

Poor Cheryl! Did the other girls have a reason for not being there on time? How are her heels?

Congratulations to Chris! Sounds like he is going to be one tough defender!!!

BethieJ said...

Great photos ~ Sorry to hear about Cheryl's heels and her lose! Congrats to Chris!
Hope they both have a GREAT year!