Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Photos with Any Camera - Week 1

I joined a new class starting this week. This class, as it's title implies, is supposed to teach us how to take GREAT PHOTOS even with a little point and shoot like I have. Here is my camera:

Yeah, it's new... Since I gave one of my cameras to my niece for her birthday, I'm feeling lost with only two cameras, lol! Not really... It's going to be a replacement for my big Olympus. It has the long zoom like the Olympus, but instead of being 3MP, it's 10MP! Plus the video has sound!!! I got a great deal on it. I work for Panasonic, and I won a coupon to the company store during the Spring Fever raffle! I'm looking forward to using this class to learn this camera better.

Our first assignment is on lighting. We are supposed to take a photo of the same item outdoors, in the same location, at 4 different times during the day and pick our favorite. Here are my photos. I used Chris as my subject (Cheryl is a pain because she has to keep fixing her hair and makeup, lol). The only photoshopping I did was to crop them so that they would fit on my screen. My favorite photo is the one at sunset. The shadows are softer and the color is nice and warm. My second favorite is sunrise-11am. The morning here was overcast, and the lighting in the photo is flat.

This was a pretty basic assignment. I'm hoping for more content this week!


Mary said...

Great job on the photos! I don't know which one I like the best. the one in the middle of the day is too washed out. I do know that. I kind of like the one about 5:00 because Chris looks like he has a slight tan.

BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVE the photos!!! That was funny about Cheryl!!! hee hee! A girl has to look good mom!! :)
Enjoy the new camera and class.. it sound fun!!! (and so far it is bringing back memories of my photo class 8 years ago! GASP!)
Have a GREAT day!

Mara... said...

I hope you enjoy the class, I've been wanting to take a photography class. I just haven't done it yet. What a fun series of photos. Can't wait to see more of what you do!