Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wild Weekend!

Hey, look! It's Jim's new friend...

Jim was out surfing this morning and felt a sharp pain in his foot. He surfed for about an hour before his foot started hurting so bad that he couldn't stand it. He went straight to the hospital. His foot was painful, black and swollen by then... They did tests and x-rays and they were in conclusive. The doctor thought it could be a nail/trash, sea urchin, or stingray. He started by soaking Jim's foot in hot water (the treatment for a sting from a stingray). Jim's relief was immediate. After x-rays to determine that the barb wasn't still in his foot, we got a perscription for pain killers/antibiotic, and went home.

When we got home, Cheryl asked if the hot water didn't work, would they have poured vinegar on his foot next for the sea urchin? "No vinegar is for jellyfish stings" You have to pee on his foot for a sea urchin! Ewwww....

After I picked up Jim's perscriptions, I took Chris to the passport office to convince them that they should still process his passport even though we were 3 hours late for our appointment. They were very accommodating... certainly NOT what I expected from a government agency. YAHOO! Both the kids are processed and should receive new passports in 6-weeks. I was talking to Cheryl... the next time she will have to renew her passport is when she's 30yrs, AND I'll be 60yrs!

Jim's foot is still sore, but better than it was... unfortunately he spent all afternoon throwing up from the pain killers. He still felt bad (stomach-wise) and missed going to the Galaxy game this evening. I went with the kids. Galaxy tied Toronto tonight 0-0. That means Galaxy is still undefeated! GO GALAXY!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Mary said...

Poor Jim!

I'm glad his foot is feeling better today. I wonder how they would have treated the sea urchin at the hospital? I can't imagine that urine is a medically approved remedy at the hospital.

BethieJ said...

I hope Jim is feeling better today! YEAH Galaxy!!!!