Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I was right down to the wire finishing up the Mother's Day gifts. I made some card sets for the moms in our family. I packaged up each set prettily in a clear box. I was very pleased with how they came out. This one is for my mom:

Here is the one for my Aunt Mary:

And one last one for Mima (my SIL's mom):

My mother's day was wonderful! Jim came home from surfing early so that he could make breakfast. THEN he got the recipe for the soup that I was supposed to take to lunch at my mom's and he made it for me. AND he ordered me a big bouquet of my favorite flowers online. It was a HUGE mixed bouquet of alstomeria (I didn't even know that he could spell alstomeria), lol! AND he and the kids got me a present. Here it is, a BIG Stradivarius Wind Chime! Mima had a BIG beautifully toned windchime hanging in her backyard at Easter. I mentioned how much I loved it.. I was so surprised! Jim hardly ever seems to listen to me when I talk about stuff like that! He was definitely listening, and I LOVE the windchime! It comes in different scales... this one is Mongolian... Chris said that his ears were ringing for hours after picking out the perfectly pitched chime! It's been nice an windy last couple of days... perfect for listening to my new chimes!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!


BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVE the boxed card sets.. what a GREAT gift!! Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL Moms Day!!

Mara... said...

Your cards are GREAT Joni!!!! Wow, so much work and love went into those gifts. I bet they loved them. And that wind chime is soooo pretty!!! I bet it sounds lovely in your backyard!!

Mary said...

WOW!!! You went all out on those cards! They are all GREAT!!! Those look like something from a magazine! Love the wind chimes too. I have only seen ones with wooden tops. I really like the look of yours! I get is nice to hear.