Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crafty Share...

Not my crafty share, but Chris's! California State Universities require one year of Fine Arts in High School. Since Graphics Design doesn't count as Fine Arts, Chris took Jewelry Making. This is Chris's first project. He designed the pendent, cut it out with a hand saw and polished it. We met Chris's Jewelry teacher at back to school night and she said he has an eye for detail... a real perfectionist... and I think his project is PERFECT! So did she, since she gave him a 40 out of 40!

Jena really LOVES her Chris! She can't wait for him to get up in the morning. This morning as soon as I opened Chris's bedroom door, Jena went running in and launched herself at the bed... too bad for Chris, he was still in the bed, lol!

Here is a puppy school update. Jim took pity on me and my feeble attempts to get Jena to walk on a leash. Jim is now Jena's puppy school partner! She went crazy again and tried to escape, but Jim was firm with her. After about 10 minutes she settled down and joined the class. They were GREAT even when walking behind the little cairn terrier who was causing so much trouble, barking and snapping at the other dogs. The instructor threatened to put a muzzle on the little guy.

The other problem dog, the golden retriever, was a problem again. He has the exact opposite problem than Jena. He keeps trying to run towards the other dogs to play! lol!

It was a rainy night, but puppy school goes on, rain or shine! Well, since it's night, I guess that would be rain or stars... They practice in a high school parking lot, it was muddy, greasy, oily, YUCK! Jena's legs, bottom and tail were black from the sitting practice. There are two little white dogs in the class: a poodle and a bichon frise. They were a total mess! I just stood on the sidelines last night under my umbrella.


Mary said...

Look at Jena all snuggled up by Chris! How cute!!! I also LOVE that pendent! Chris did a fantastic job! Now my question is, who gets to wear it?

BethieJ said...

I LOVE that pendent! Chris did a GREAT job!! (hmmm my Justin wants to go to a Cali school.. I better pass on he will need to make MOM some jewelry .. :) )
LOVE the photo of Jena and Chris.. so sweet!!!
Have a GREAT day Joni!