Monday, October 11, 2010

Huntington Beach XCI

The boys have barely had a chance to recover from the meet on Thursday, and they are running in their second meet of the week on Saturday. The top-12 are running the State course in Fresno. That leaves Chris, Phil, and Ricky to carry the Capo team at the Huntington Beach Invitational. This is their first time running this meet, and the bus didn't arrive with enough time for them to checkout the course... so here's the boys consulting with Coach Airy on the map.

Here's the JV team warming up!

This course does a lot of turning back onto itself. It's great for spectators, because we got to see the start, the finish and saw the boys pass by three times. Chris doesn't like this type of course because he said it feels like they do a lot of running but don't go anywhere. This was also a very hilly course, which is another reason why it was so tough.

Times for this course were 40-60 seconds slower than most of the boys' PRs. Chris finished in 17:58 (behind Phil and in front of Ricky). It was 44 seconds slower than his PR, BUT he finished very high in the standings... 35th out of about 300 boys, which earned him (and Phil) a very cool medal.

Great job, boys! GO CAPO!
OC CHAMPS next weekend!


Mary said...

Way to go! What great pictures!

BethieJ said...

YEAH Chris!! LOVE the photos Joni!!!
Hope your having a GREAT week!! (How is Jena doing?!!)