Friday, October 29, 2010

Mt. Sac XC Invite

Mt. Sac XC Invitational in Pomona is the largest XC invitational in the United States! High School teams show up from all over Southern California to compete in one weekend. All of Capo's JV runners are back to compete in this prestigious event. An XC team must have 5 runners to score, and Capo JV just has 5. Some teams had over 20 runners entered in this race! In order to score well, ALL of Capos runners would have to place high.

The Capo JV doesn't have any SUPER FAST runners, but they do have 5 FAST runners. They do what Chris calls, "pack tight." They all finish together, sometimes right behind each other, causing a block; pushing slower finishers from other teams to a lower place.

Capo's team strategy paid off, and Capo JV finished 2nd place in all of Southern California!!! YAHOO!!! GO CAPO JV!!!

I haven't posted any cute Jena photos for a while. Here's Chris relaxing with Jena after the meet... aren't they ADORABLE?


Mary said...

Way to go CAPO and especially Chris!!! Yes, that is an adorable picture.

BethieJ said...

YEAH CAPO JV!!! CONGRATS to Chris and the team.. I LOVE that sweet photo.. cant wait to see how you scrap it!! :)
Have a GREAT day!