Monday, February 21, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - day 1

After months of planning and waiting, the kitchen remodel has started today. Here is a BEFORE picture of our kitchen.

After much pounding, crashing, and barking (Jena didn't like the kitchen destruction at all!) Here is what it looks like... Good-bye OLD kitchen!

Have you ever wondered what the side of your free standing stove/oven looks like? UH, YUCK!!! That was the first thing I cleaned today!

Do you want to see our NEW kitchen?

Hahaha... as you have already guessed, it's not our new kitchen, but our interim kitchen. Jim setup one gas burner and a microwave. Cheryl and I are making orange chicken, egg rolls, chicken lo mien, and rice... it's so nice having the day off...

Here is what our kitchen looks like at the end of the day...

It looks so much BIGGER and BRIGHTER without the cabinets.

Well, here it is only Day 1 and we have a problem... several actually...

Problem number 1: We were going to have the soffit removed from over the sink. You can see the problem in the picture below:

We can't remove the soffit because the ceiling would run into the eaves.

Problem number 2: If we have to leave the soffit in, the cabinet that we got to fit in the spot, is too tall to fit in there. We will have to buy a new cabinet, and it would not be done for 4 weeks!

Problem number 3: We were going to have the over sink light replaced with a fluorescent can light. They just called and they can't find a can shallow enough to fit over the sink. (I have no idea how they were going to get a can light up there if we take the soffit out.)

So that is our remodel day #1... Stay tuned for more adventures in kitchen remodeling...


Mary said...

WOW!!! Loved seeing all the photos and the step by step action taking place in your kitchen. It also sounds like you are handling the problems well and not freaking out. Hopefully, all will work out and things run smoothly from here on out.

BethieJ said...

Oh Joni.. how EXCITING for the new kitchen... sorry about the problems.. heres hoping you get NOOO more!! :) LOVE your kitchen!! I just had our crock pot to use! :)
Have a GREAT day!