Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - day 3

Cheryl came home and said... "Nothing changed!"

There was just more behind the scenes work... a new light over the sink.

He moved the telephone jack and the lower outlet to up behind the cabinet.

There was also plumbing work today... He replaced all the lines and knobs under the sink.

... and moved the water line for the refrigerator to be, {gasp} behind the refrigerator! Totally BRILLIANT!

AND LOOK! The lights work! They aren't as bright as our old light which I think is disappointing... but Jim said that once they put the reflectors in there that they will be brighter.

That's it for kitchen remodel day #3... the mudder is supposed to come tomorrow!


Mary said...

When I read mudder, the first thing that popped in my mind was MUD! The kitchen is really coming along! When will the finish date be?

Mara... said...

ooooh, it's coming along!!!