Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surf City Half Marathon

The results are in!

Here is Chris:
He did Amazing!
Overall: 208 out of 13297
Men: 182 out of 4913
M 01-17: 12 out of 127
3 Mi: 19:56 Pace: 6:39
8.2 Mi: 56:12 Pace: 6:52
Finish: 1:31:47 Pace: 7:01

And me... there are no running pictures of me, but I'm in this picture somewhere:
Overall: 2960 out of 13297
Women: 1124 out of 8384
F 50-54: 44 out of 672
3 Mi: 26:10 Pace: 8:44
8.2 Mi: 1:10:57 Pace: 8:40
Finish: 1:57:23 Pace: 8:58

My pace dropped way off when the calf cramps started at about mile 10. But, I'm still pleased with my time.

Our next race is May 1... Cinco de Mayo Half-Marathon in Irvine!


Mary said...

WOW!!! Now that is a lot of people! Great times! Chris is really impressive and you gotta love the orange shirt.

BethieJ said...

CONGRATS to you both!!!! I always love seeing your race results!! May 1st.. that is gonna be here before we know it .. isnt it!!
Have a GREAT day Joni!