Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris!!!

We spent Chris's birthday morning at the Irvine Invitational track meet. Chris usually runs the 800m, but there were some change-ups today. Jose got shin splints, so Alex ran the two mile in Jose's spot, and Chris had to run the one mile in Alex's spot. Chris decided to make the best out of it and said that he was going to try to PR in the mile, since "I'm never going to run it again." Chris's last PR was 5:12. He came in with a NEW PR: 4:59!!! Chris is now a sub-5 runner! YAHOO Chris!!!

Chris's online friend from Costa Rica sent him a Happy Birthday Cookie! Isn't so sweet of her? Here we are celebrating... in the garage. Even though the kitchen is done, we can't put the table and chairs back in until the grout dries for 2-3 days.

We got Chris a digital camera for him to take some pictures of his own when we go to Europe this summer. Cheryl got him a nice case for it. We'll have a big family birthday for him in a couple of weeks when my mom gets back from Kauai. Hopefully I can get everything back in the kitchen by then.

YUM! How sweet it is!!!
Happy 18th birthday Big Guy!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! Congrats on the mile too! That is amazing!!!

BethieJ said...

CONGRATS Chris... and HAPPY HAPPY 18th Birthday!!! LOVE the photos mom!!! and that cookie looks DELISH!