Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - end of week 2

I missed posting a couple of days because of work. This is not my longest work week EVER, but it was sure close!

Anyway, back to the kitchen. Here it is after day 10. All the cabinets are up (except that one that needs to be reordered)

Day 11, was yesterday... All the handles are in! Jim called me at work and I was trying to talk kitchen handle placement and BCD character encodings in the same sentence. But look at the handles!
Don't they look GREAT? I started this kitchen remodel with nothing in mind other than, "I must have those bar pulls!" {{sigh}} More remodel woes... Do you see that door on the left? Lewis put the handle on the top of the door instead of on the side. Now they owe us a new door... It will be here in 4 weeks...

They ran into another problem... Look at the first photo. Do you see that blank side of the cabinet that faces the family room? We ordered two extra doors to cover the blank sides and make them look fancy. Well, they won't FIT! I'm not sure if they are going to reimburse us for the cost of the two extra doors... I think not. Too bad one of the doors isn't the same size as the one with the wrong handle.

That's it for the end of week 2! I heard that the new quartz counter is coming on Monday!!!


Mara... said...

It looks great Joni!!! I love the new handles, so sleek and modern!

Mary said...

Love the handles too! They look like just like your style! The kitchen is looking GREAT!

BethieJ said...

Joni I am LOVING it! Those handles are so COOL! (Um sorry about the wrong way one! :) ) I bet you cant WAIT to get back into the NEW kitchen.. cant wait to see more photos!! :)