Monday, March 14, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - DONE!!!

All done that is except for the missing cabinet and the door with the handle going the wrong way... CalBath will come back in a couple of weeks to finish that up. But as of now, we have almost everything back into the kitchen; including the table and chairs! It's so nice to eat in the house!

Here are the much anticipated photos... Here are the BEFORE photos:

And HERE ARE THE AFTER PHOTOS!!! I especially love the first photo... it looks like something out of a magazine!

It was a lot of noise and mess, but it was worth it! The CalBath guys were GREAT. They finished the kitchen a week early! I LOVE the new kitchen!


Mary said...

It looks GREAT!!! That seemed to go quickly. Enjoy!!!

BethieJ said...

Joni it looks FABULOUS!!! I LOVE it!! YEAH for being able to eat in the house again!! :)
Enjoy your new kitchen!!!
Have a GREAT Day!