Friday, March 23, 2012

Costa Rica Birthday - part 3

Happy 19th Birthday, Chris!

Jim and Chris celebrated at the beach. This is called Playa Palo Seco. Miles and miles of empty beach, just for them and the birds...

Hmmm... not exactly the type of birds you'd expect to find at the beach. Vultures? Really?

Lita's mom, Rosa, told them over and over to be careful at this beach... don't stop if anyone flags you down, don't talk to anyone. Jim was calling this the Beach of Death. Doesn't that vulture set the perfect ambiance? lol!

Turns out they had the beach to themselves. It is a beautiful beach!

Chris's birthday dinner was a big family affair at the restaurant!

Chris had a very special birthday dinner!

Doesn't it look yummy? Chris LOVES fish!!!

And look at this cake! Chris said it was the best cake he ever had! Thalita made it and it had three layers filled with cream! YUM!!!

Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!

BTW, Chris is looking over my shoulder and he said, "That cake was so GOOD!"


Mary said...

It is so interesting to see how Costa Rica looks to the locals. So glad Chris has a good birthday! I agree the cake looks yummy!!! A beach of vultures! YIKES!!!

BethieJ said...

Looks like they had a FUN trip.. I agree on the cake!!! YUM!!! :) Thanks for sharing the photos with us Joni!!