Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chris!

I want to start this post with BIG birthday wishes for my BIG guy in Costa Rica... Happy 19th Birthday, Chris! I don't know how my baby got so big so fast! I'm doing the mom thing, by posting a very cute and embarrassing baby picture. Wasn't he the sweetest little guy?

He is a wonderful young college man now! I'm so proud of of the man he is becoming!

Well, while my boys are gone in Costa Rica, I'm at home sick and Cheryl is busy studying for finals. Here's Jena, helping Cheryl study. Jena loves stealing Cheryl's note cards, then Cheryl chases her to get them back. There's nothing like a quick romp around the coffee table to break up the tedium of studying.

The day started off overcast and drizzly, but the sun did break through and it was a beautiful day. Cheryl took a break to enjoy the sunshine, and I managed to drag myself off the couch. This handsome guy came over to play... his name is Ziggy. He's a labra-doodle and just as sweet as can be!

Jena loves Ziggy!

The boys are doing well in Costa Rica. Today they were going to the National Park to see the monkeys. I hope they have FUN!


Mara Campbell said...

Happy birthday to Chris! How much fun to celebrate in Costa Rica. And that baby photo really is the cutest!! The weather certainly was nice this weekend. I hope you can shake your sickness soon!!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!! I hope you are having a great time!!! Love the baby picture! I just want to pinch those checks! Also, love all the pictures of Jena. Ziggy is a cutie. So glad they get along together. Everyone needs a friend.