Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Costa Rica - part 1

I'm not sure how many parts this Costa Rica blogging will take. Since I wasn't there, I'm a little vague on the details. The boys left here just after midnight on Friday, March 9, and arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica at 9am Saturday morning (there is only a one hour time difference).

Thalita and her dad, Randall, met them at the airport. It's a good thing they did too! The rental car company lost Jim's reservation. It took Randall and a long conversation in Spanish to straighten it all out. On their way back to Parrita, they stopped at a "soda stand" for lunch. Here a photo taken by Randall at the soda.

Here is another picture (with Randall in it) of the kids on a bridge over a river.

Hey, Chris! Whatcha looking at?

42 alligators!??... like I said, it's a whole different world...

Thalita's parents own a restaurant and hotel in Parrita. Here is the front of the restaurant.

Jim tells me that the restaurant is completely open one side. There are two sides... a take-out side:

And a sit-down side... This place looks wonderful, and Jim and Chris say the food is GREAT!

One more CUTE photo to share today :oD


Mara Campbell said...

I love that alligator photo!! What a fun trip, the restaurant looks so nice. I can't wait to see more photos and hear more of their trip!

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing!!! It is a whole different world! I bet they had a great time! I too can't wait to see more pictures and hear more. So glad, they had a good time and I am very glad Jim got to stay right there. You know me....

BethieJ said...

I cant believe all the alligators! WOW!!! Sounds like they had a FABULOUS time!! Such GREAT photos!!!