Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Long Beach Half-Marathon

I'm running behind on posting pictures, so I'm in catch up mode! Look for a lot of photos posted in the next few days. We ran the Long Beach Half-Marathon on Oct. 7, I'm just getting around to posting photos now. We forgot to take the camera to the race, so I was waiting for race photos to get posted online; and I kind of just forgot about it...

Anyway, here are the photos!

The kiddos were not in race shape, so they ran together slowly. I took off and was on track for a new PR, but my legs started cramping at mile 9. I slowed way down, but had to walk starting mile 12 when the cramps seized up. The kiddos passed me about mile 12.5. After that I got to the point that I couldn't even stand. I was crouched at the side of the road waiting for the cramps to pass, and the paramedics came over.... it was all very embarrassing. Equally embarrassing was my finish time...

Here are our times... no PRs for anybody....

Overall: 3569 out of 11257
Women: 1405 out of 6583
F 20-24: 106 out of 415
Age/Grade: 49.29% Place: 3700
Finish: 2:13:34 Pace: 10:12

5 Km: 28:37 Pace: 9:13
10 Km: 58:32 Pace: 9:26
10 Mile: 1:38:55 Pace: 9:54

Overall: 3524 out of 11257
Men: 2143 out of 4674
M 15-19: 47 out of 94
Age/Grade: 45.49% Place: 5353
Finish: 2:13:14 Pace: 10:10

5 Km: 28:36 Pace: 9:13
10 Km: 58:30 Pace: 9:25

Overall: 4471 out of 11257
Women: 1906 out of 6583
F 50-54: 119 out of 551
Age/Grade: 54.55% Place: 1897
Finish: 2:20:11 Pace: 10:42

5 Km: 27:36 Pace: 8:53
10 Km: 56:01 Pace: 9:01
10 Mile: 1:33:49 Pace: 9:23


Mara Campbell said...

Joni, it's just awesome that you finished! I'm so sorry you had that cramping, that really stinks. I hope that means you will run another half marathon, maybe this time we can meet up!!

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!