Sunday, October 28, 2012

North Carolina Here We Come...

We have discovered that Atlanta has a fondness for the street name PeachTree... PeachTree Road, PeachTree Street, West PeachTree, Old PeachTree Road, New PeachTree Road, PeachTree Industrial Blvd... and we have been on them all between downtown Atlanta and the SouthEastern Railway Museum. The museum was closed, BTW. Apparently, tourist attractions in Georgia are only open on the weekends.

Thank goodness for Garmina (our friendly Garmin-Nuvi). She got us navigated through all the PeachTree streets... all the way to North Carolina!

... and on to George and Joann's house in Otto, North Carolina.

Say, "Hi, Uncle George!"

Here's a surprise! Joann's son's are visiting too! Here we all are settling down for a family dinner. Joann is a fabulous cook!

On our second day, we went gem stone mining. Here are some highlights:

What surprised me is that gem stones are nothing more than... stones... rocks... Picking a gem stone out of a pile a rocks is beyond our ability, lol! But thanks to our host, we found a sapphire, two small garnets, and several small rubies.

Look for some North Carolina color tomorrow!


Mary said...

WOW!!! How fun! Where did all the dirt come from? Did you keep the gems you found? Thanks for sharing the photos!

Mara Campbell said...

I am loving all your vacation pics! Looks like you packed a whole bunch of fun in your week.