Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sight-Seeing Atlanta

Even with the time change we were up and about early in the morning. Since it was weekend, we thought that the aquarium would be crowded, so wanted to get there early.

After a Subway breakfast sandwich, we walked to the aquarium:

No lines... no waiting... we walked right in!

It's a very nice aquarium. We saw the dolphin show. It was a fun show, but it was weird seeing a dolphin show inside. I guess we are so used to Sea World. The tanks were HUGE and BEAUTIFUL!

Can you see the whale shark and manta ray in this picture?

How about a beluga whale?

We left the aquarium just as it started to get crowded and walked across the courtyard to the World of Coke.

I think the World of Coke is competing with Disneyland for the title, "The Happiest Place on Earth." After watching a happy movie with a cute fuzzy character falling in love with a dandelion, we entered the World of Coke... full of bright happy music, cute decor and of course the polar bear.

After tasting over 60 different flavors of coke from around the world, we walked through the CNN tower and the Atlanta Underground. Both forgettable experiences.

Our last adventure was trying to find some place to eat just as the Falcons vs Raiders game let out at the Georgia Dome. WOW! People in Georgia really like their football! There were thousands of fans in costume roaming the streets and filling all the restaurants.

That is it for our day in Atlanta. Tomorrow, we head to North Carolina!


Mara Campbell said...

What great photos of the aquarium!! I love aquariums and that one looks fantastic. I love the World of Coke photos, too. Looks like such a great trip!

Mary said...

Love all your photos! Looks like you had great weather and a great first day! Looking forward to tomorrow!