Sunday, December 2, 2012

Electric Run - the run

I organized a Panasonic Team for the Electric Run 5K. It had been raining all day, but cleared up just in time for the race start. I didn't expect so many people!!! OVER 10,000 people at the run! It made it almost impossible to find friends, but we did find Jacoby and David. Jacoby and I ran the race in 23:32, the kiddos finished right behind us. That is WHAT?!!! A 7:35 pace?!!! That course must not have been a full 3.1 miles! We think the they must have changed the course because of the rain.

Here is us!!!

Here is us with our GLOW on!!!

They were trying to give out glow sticks at the starting line, but people were so lit up already; they were turning them down. There was a big party atmosphere at the starting line. We started in group 8. There was glow paraphernalia littered all over the course. I was afraid that I was going to trip or slip on something while running in the dark. Here is a short clip that Jim took of the start of the race:

It was a BIG party atmosphere!!! Too bad we were there to run not party ;o) Sultan & Ned Shepard were shooting a music video at the after run party. We headed home right after because Cheryl is studying for finals.

I hope you all had a good weekend! Monday comes too FAST!

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Mary said...

That looks like a BLAST!!! Glad you had such a good run! That should make you feel great to have done so well.

I hope Cheryl did well on her finals.