Sunday, March 24, 2013

What a WEEK!!!

The boys are gone this week to Costa Rica. So, what's a girl to do?

SUNDAY : We cheered Galaxy to a tie with Chivas.

MONDAY: We cheered Noah's team to a win over Mission Viejo.

TUESDAY: We went to Hollywood to see "Catch Me if You Can."

WEDNESDAY: Girls just want to have FUN! Cheryl went to school for her last final. After she got home, we went to Ladies Night at Road Runner Sports and had a "Breaking Dawn" part 1 and part 2 marathon.

THURSDAY: Running, paddle boarding, shopping, and to see "OZ."

FRIDAY: We went to La Jolla to kayak the sea caves. No sea caves today because of the overhead surf and 11 mph winds. We also managed to roll our kayak during the beach landing. At least it wasn't just us... everyone rolled their kayak, along with one of the guides. After we dried off and stopped shivering, we went into San Diego and spent the afternoon at the museums in Balboa Park.

SATURDAY: We were invited to play in a coed 6v6 soccer tournament. Yes, BOTH of us, and I'm happy to say that I was not the worse player there! Our team, "Accurate," tied one and lost 2. We didn't not make it to the play-offs, but I got free soccer cleats, and had a lot of fun.... I really miss taking soccer pictures...

And we had another Galaxy game to go to. This time Galaxy WON, YAHOO!!!

SUNDAY: We are so sore from soccer yesteray, but we don't need legs for paddle boarding! Now that we are such experts, it's time to try our luck in Newport Harbor. I admit that I fell off the board. My shoe was sitting on the board, and I hit it accidentally with the paddle. I tried to save it before it floated off and tipped the board. Yep, swimming in Newport Harbor... YUCK! It was a beautiful morning!

Now, a nap is in order before we go pickup the boys at the airport after midnight.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at the pictures of our busy week!


Thalita said...

Hey Mrs. Moore!

Thanks for trusting me with your boys again, we had a great time ^_^

I'm glad you and Cheryl had lots of fun at home and Cheryl finished those exams. Hopefully next time you two can come too. :D


Mary said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures. I always enjoy seeing what you are doing. Like we have said many different times, we live in very different worlds. I woke up to almost 5" of snow this morning. Looks like you had a really good time.