Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Girl needs her Accessories

The next step is to setup my Galaxy Tab for travel journaling. Up to now I've been using a traditional paper journal with colored pens. That works, but I still need to type my journaling in when I get home to post to my blog or to create a photo book. It's better to just type it in to begin with, right?

So the first off I need some ACCESSORIES... like a keyboard. I can't journal using the virtual keyboard. That thing drives me nuts! I need a real keyboard that I can touch and goes click, click, click when I type. It was easy finding a keyboard. I just jumped on Amazon and here is what I found. It's cute... it makes my 7" tablet look like a micro-mini laptop... and better yet, it fits in my purse!

Next I needed a journal app. This was a lot harder.. I tried searching for "journal," "diary," "notepad," and "Word." I tried several of the top rated ones and even one called "Travel Journal." As with my experience with other Android apps. They didn't all work well; some didn't work at all; some didn't work with the bluetooth keyboard; and some didn't allow me any way to get the text off the tablet for blogging or photo book creation. Finally in my frustration I loaded a non-free app called Write.

Write is designed for students to take notes in class, but it works perfectly for what I wanted in a journal app. I can start a new entry or add to existing entries. It works great with the new bluetooth keyboard, and it has built in sharing with the Blogger app. It doesn't have spell check though... none of the apps that I tried had spell check. Spell check must take up too much memory on a tablet.

The last thing I need... in the words of Tim Allen... is MORE POWER! On our camping vacation next month, I don't know how much availability we will have to a power outlet. So, back to Amazon and I found this little cutie.

It also doubles as a flashlight, so it's perfect for camping. And BONUS... it's PINK! I tried charging my tablet with it, but it only charged from just about dead to 50%. I'm going to get one for Jim's iPad too, but I'm going to get him one with larger capacity... and his can be blue :oD

The last thing I need is a File Manager. I can't stand not know where all my files are! I need to be able to move them, copy them, delete them, and rename them... In other words, I need to show this android device who's boss. So I found one called, not surprisingly... File Manager.

File Manager let's me control the what's and where's of the files on my tablet. What more can a girl ask for.

So I'm all SET! Bring on the week long camping trip... I'm ready!


Mary said...

Looks like you are totally blinged out!

I know I have been MIA, but I want details! Where are you going? How long? What are you going to do? Will Chris and Cheryl go with you? Is you camper all set up?

BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVE it!!! and I LOVE you can carry it in your purse!! My Amanda got a keyboard for her mini ipad (amazon) and really loves it! I am thinking this Mama needs to talk to SANTA about something like this for xmas! HA HA!!
Hope you have a GREAT day!!!!