Saturday, May 30, 2015

Amazon bound

We got up early and had a nice breakfast at the hotel. We packed some of our stuff    into smaller bags to take to the Amazon. We boarded a short flight to Cusco and  then on to Puerto Maldonado. 

When we reached Puerto Maldonado, we were met by a local guide and taken by boat to our hotel; where we had lunch and went on a walking tour through the Amazon rainforest in the late afternoon/evening. 

Cheryl got three mosquito bites through her pants. I don't know why Mosquitos like to bite her on the bottom. We just got back to the room and will head out in a little bit for caiman  hunting.

we might not see any because the water is so high. Goodnight from the Amazon! 

PS - trying to understand an announcement in Spanish over the airport PA is impossible.

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Mary said...

Is that a snake? Spiders and snakes......