Monday, May 4, 2015

Running "The Ave"

The marathon weather was perfect! 55F at the start and high 60's at the finish. The course was an "V" shape with the start/finish line at the bend. Cheryl lead out and back on the first leg of the "V" (13.1 miles), and I lead out and back on the second leg (13.1 miles). Our goal was to finish under 5 hours, and we finished in 4hrs 53 minutes... that's not even close to a good marathon time, but it's good for us, YAY!

Here are some pictures from our day!

Where did everybody go?

And look! We made the local paper! Can you find us in this picture from "The Lost Colony"?

And after running 26.7 miles... yes, that's .7 not .2 according to my GPS... We jumped in the car for an 11 hour drive home. We rolled in just after midnight. Today was back to work {{{ Y A W N }}}

Here's the numbers:

Joni 4:53:46
Age group: 13 / 24
Overall: 351 / 508
women: 148 / 246

Cheryl 4:53:47
Age group: 38 / 49
Overall: 352 / 508
Women: 149 / 246

Everyone was right. The first marathon is the worst. We aren't feeling to bad today. Cheryl is starving and eating everything is sight. My stomach isn't feeling right, so I haven't eaten too much today. But I think overall, I'm less sore than Cheryl is today.

Our next marathon... Kauai Marathon 2016 :oD

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