Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Amazon rain forest

We saw three caimen last night... The biggest one being 2 meters long. It's amazing how the guides can find them from a moving boat in the dark. After a successful caiman spotting trip, we had to get everything together for our 5am start into the rain forest. There would be no electricity in the morning.

I don't have any pics to share of the rainforest since I didn't bring the iPhone...  it rained and it was muddy. We walked 6K through shin deep mud to Sandoval lake. Once there we saw lots of different types of birds and howler monkeys. We heard the capuchin monkeys, but they were too far away to see. 

There are 7 people in our group: two Canadian couples, a lady from Australia, and Us. One of the Canadian ladies had a real bad time and I carried out her backpack for her (Cheryl was carrying ours at the time). She has a lot of trust since I fell in the mud only a dozen steps after we got off the boat. Haha!

So as I said there are no pics of the rainforest. But here are some pics from around the hotel.

You must stay on the stepping stones

This guy likes to hang out around the kitchen for handouts

Cheryl making up for the early morning departure

A tarantula 

Tomorrow morning at 540, we leave on a 20 minute walk to see a colony of parrots. It's a good thing we took a nice nap today! 😋

Hasta luego 

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Mary said...

EEK!!! The tarantula freaks me out. I can't imagine the sights, sounds, and smells you must be experiencing. What a great trip!