Monday, June 1, 2015

Last day in the rainforest

... And boy are we glad! The Mosquitos are terrible! Right now it is 6am and we just hiked out to a camouflaged hut. Now we are waiting for parrots to arrive. They come to eat mud from the cliff.

They're here! There are hundreds of them! Very spectacular!

After that we had breakfast, and I took a power nap in the hammock before we took the boat out to a farm. They have a lot of the same fruits as Hawaii. What I found interesting was the yuca; which is a potato like plant. We had it fried for dinner last night. They were great. The other interesting thing was the cocoa. This is what cocoa looks like,

It's soft and slimy until it is dried and roasted. After we got back we had time for a 45 minute nap before lunch. That's nap #2 for me.

After lunch we took a trip to a local family where we saw demos on hunting, spinning, weaving, music and fire starting.

Now we are relaxing and Cheryl is getting in her nap #2 until dinner. It is pouring rain right now so there isn't much else going on. I'll have to wait to post this until the electricity comes back on.

Adios rainforest!