Saturday, June 6, 2015

The return to Machu Picchu

... 4:45am wake up  call this morning! We want to get to Machu Picchu before it gets too hot and crowded... And to see the sunrise from the Sun Gate. 

It was supposed to take us 2 hours to hike to the Sun Gate, but it took Cheryl and me less than an hour to get out there and back with many photo ops. It was very steep, uneven and rocky, but it was no problem for us. 

Since we had a lot of time left before we have to catch the train to Cusco, we decided to hike out to the Inka Bridge too.

This was supposed to take us one hour and it took us less than half an hour. 

Next since we still had lots of time, we went up to the guard house. 

AND since we still had time, we went shopping in the handicraft market. I did pretty good with the bargaining; 30% discount and 2 for 1 discounts. 

We finally caught our 1.5 hour train ride, and this guy showed up to entertain and freak Cheryl out. Haha

Right now we are on a two hour bus ride back to cusco. We have free time tonight, Cheryl and I are pretty tired so we are having dinner at the hotel and turning in early. 

Buenos Noches

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Mary said...

OMGoodness! Do people walk on that bridge? That would freak me out....imagine that....LOL