Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Travel day

Today is a travel day, so it is a catch up day. Right now we are sitting in the airport at Puerto Maldonado. We had some major lightning, thunder and pouring rain yesterday afternoon that lasted through the night. It gave us a nice long rest and time for Cheryl to get over her bout of food poisoning. She was the first one in the group to succumb. She's feeling much better this morning.

So we say goodbye to our Eco camp in the rainforest, Corto Maltes. No more mosquitoes buzzing in our ears, frogs on the toilet, monster spiders under the bed, or giant grasshoppers in our clothes.

And we take the boat back to Puerto Maltes.

Then a bus to the airport,

Then a plane to Lima with a quick stop over in Cusco. Our hotel in Lima has hot showers and the water here is drinkable.YAY! Plus it is really really nice.

We are going to get a bag of muddy clothes to the laundry and go out to find something to eat for dinner.

Buenos noches from Lima!

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Mary said...

What an adventure! I love seeing all the pictures. Did not like the description of the spiders under your bed. I could handle everything else, but....