Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On our way to Lima

Like I said last night, there is a strike in Jaliaca. Our flight boards at 8:05am,and usually the airport is only an hour away from the hotel. But today we got a 3am wake up call. 

To make matters worse, Cheryl an I are both sick from the eggplant at dinner last night... We were both up for the few hours of sleep that we had available. 

Our bus driver had to bribe his way through one strike blockade. The other two blockades that I saw, he managed to get around using side streets. I also saw at least one fire. I learned later that the strikers were burning tires 

At the airport there were two large groups of police with 30-40 each holding blast shields. There was a long line to get into the airport, another long line for ticketing. We finally made it to the gate with only an hour to spare before boarding. Our tour director just told us that all roads to the airport are now closed. We just made it! Hooray for our tour director, Barbara! Hopefully the flight crew made it too and we'll be on our way to Lima. 

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Mary said...

Glad you are safe.