Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lake Titicaca

Good morning, Puno! This is the view that we woke up to this morning. Bright, early, and COLD!!! 36F this morning. Time to layer up and catch a boat on the lake. 

Our first stop are the floating islands of the Uros Indians. The islands and boats are built with reeds. They showed us a model and demonstrated how they built the island that we were on. 

We got to meet the families that live on the island, except for the kids because they were in school. 

Our group was separated between the families and invited into their homes. Cheryl was dressed in typical Uros everyday wear. 

Then we took a ride in one of their reed boats. 

Across the channel to a different floating island. 

After we are finished with the Uros, we head to real island, Taquilla Island, to visit with the Quechua. 

They made us a great lunch of freshly caught trout. It was WONDERFUL! Even Cheryl ate it all. 

After that the boat took over an hour to get back to Puno. What is that? A Peruvian Alcatraz? 

Ha ha, no. That's our hotel. 

We got some news this morning which is changing our travel plans. There is a major strike going on in Juliaca. That is where we are supposed to catch a flight back to Lima. So, to try to get around the trouble, we are leaving the hotel at 3am tomorrow morning. They are expecting 27F ... Brrrr...

So, early dinner and early bed tonight.

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Mary said...

Thanks for sharing. Cheryl is so cute in her outfit. hehehe