Monday, June 8, 2015

On to Puno

We got to sleep in again this morning. Wake-up call at 8am. We left the hotel at 9 am to tour the museum next door to the hotel, called Convento de Santo Domingo del Cusco. It had a pretty courtyard and great views of the city. 

Now we are on a 60 minute flight to Juliaca. 

I was a little shaky when we got off the airplane in Juliaca ~12,550 feet. After we took the bus to Sillustani at 13,200 feet high, we must have adjusted to the altitude because we felt fine. The short story is that Sillustani is an Incan burial ground. There is a real long story (the tour was two hours long). 

More and more people are succumbing to altitude sickness. One guy is confined to a wheelchair and is on oxygen. Cheryl and I are fine though. Since so many people are sick, we skipped the visit with a local family. That's too bad because seeing how people live has been my favorite part of the trip. Here is an example of a home that we would have visited. 

We made it to the hotel in Puno. It's not like Cousco where there was a lot to do around the hotel and it was safe to go anywhere. There is nothing around the hotel here, and we were told to remain on the hotel grounds.  But it is very pretty here at night. Our room has a view across Lake Titicaca.  

Buenos noches!

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Mary said...

The court yard was beautiful! I am glad you and Cheryl are so healthy and not getting sick while you are there.