Saturday, June 6, 2015

Machu picchu

Finally we are on our way Machu Picchu. We got a 6 am wake up call, left the hotel at 7am and headed straight to a chicha beer making demonstration. Beer at 7am is way too early for me!

After that we headed to the ruins of Ollantaytambo (an ancient Incan stronhold). All those stairs and 10000 elevation is a warm up for Machu Picchu. 

After that we hit the train for Machu Picchu and arrived in the early afternoon. 

It's every bit as spectacular as I thought it  would be! 

We had a 2 hour late afternoon walking tour. I can't wait to head back and explore tomorrow morning! As for this evening we have a class on how make Pisco sours and ceviche. It's a double pisco sour night. 

Hasty luego!

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Mary said...

Did you like the ceviche?