Sunday, June 7, 2015


Welcome to Cusco... And we're dropping  like flies. One fellow came down with the flu 3 days ago. He then passed it to his son, yesterday. The lady from Singapore is vomiting, and so is one lady from Canada. There are also others down with montezuma's revenge, colds and altitude sickness. As for us, we are trying to avoid all the sick people. Well on to today...

Our tour director, Barbara, let us sleep in until 8am this morning. But being so used to getting up early, Cheryl and I were both up at 5:30. We had breakfast and now we are sitting in a "history of Incas" talk given be a local university professor. Very boring...

Our walking tour of the city started with sacsayhuaman... More Incan ruins. 

After that we hit a couple of churches. Those were really interesting, especially the paintings. In the paintings the camels are llamas and in the Peruvian painting of the Last Supper, Christ and his disciples are eating guinea pig, and Judas is depicted as Incan.

Templo de la Sacrada Familia

Templo de San Blas

There were no pics allowed inside the churches. 

After that we were on our own for 5 hours. Cusco is a very safe city. Our guide told us to feel free to go anywhere, so we did. 

Hasta luego!
Tomorrow we head to Puna. At 12,421 feet, it is the highest we will stay overnight.

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Mary said...

WOW! I can't wait to hear more about this. Were all the houses on a hillside?