Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Touring Lima

Since our tour group wasn't meeting up until 11am, Cheryl and I decided to go for  a 4-5 mile run. We left the hotel at 6am and took a path that led us down to the ocean front. It was very pretty there. I don't have any pics to share since my phone won't fit in my shorts pockets, but I did try to take a picture of my camera with my phone. 

After that we had an amazing breakfast at the hotel and left for the market. There was a lot of fruit , meat, fish, vegetables and flowers for sale. 

After that we went to a culinary school where the head chef there made us several traditional Peruvian dishes for lunch.

We met with a city tour guide and toured the city center and Franciscan church catacombs. They are much better than the catacombs in Rome.

At 4:45am, we leave for Cuzco. Those Pisco Sours that we had for dinner should wear off by then 😜

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Mary said...

All that fruit looks amazing! Just how may Pisco Sours did you have? hahaha