Friday, May 30, 2008

Running Today - 8.35 miles

Here are some pictures from my run today. I went down to Laguna Beach to run along the cliffs, but they had the cliff trail closed at about 0.5 miles outside town. Here are a couple of photos that I took from the top of the cliffs:

So I went back into town to run, and stopped by my favorite store in the world! You know how some husbands will take their wives out to dinner for Mother's Day, Birthday's, or Anniversaries? Well, my husband takes me to.... The Candy Baron!!!

And that's only a picture of half the store! It's probably a good thing I didn't have my wallet with me... Hehehe


Mary said...

WOW!!! I would have to RUN to get past all that goodness! WOW!!!

Kim said...

Wow how lucky are you to live in such a beautiful place. I would love to visit Laguna Beach for a holiday - maybe if I win the lottery!!!!