Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shopping for the Prom

Cheryl has never been to Prom and she missed Winter Formal this year because of our Mammoth vacation, so I told her we would go all out for Prom this year (her senior year).

We started with the dress. We went to the Jessica McClintock outlet in Montclair. That's about 60 miles away. It was well worth the trip. Cheryl was looking for a short dress, and they had lots of short dresses. BUT the best part is that all short dresses were on sale this weekend for $20! Every single short dress was $20!!! Here were Cheryl's two favorites. She decided on the silver one. She sure has grown up a lot in the last year... last year she would have definitely picked the orange one.

Since we made out so well on the dress, we decided to go crazy on accessories! Well, not too crazy... the hair ornament is Swarovski Crystal, but the place that we bought it from will up-do her hair the day of the Prom for free! The earrings were from Chloe's. We searched and searched for silver shoes. Cheryl couldn't find anything that she loved, so decided to wear the black shoes she already owns.


BethieJ said...

Joni~ Happy RUNNING! How cool your gonna do it with your son!! Good luck to you both!!
I LOVE the prom photos... your DD is BEAUTIFUL in both dresses, and HELLO score at $20 a piece!!!
THANKS for the info on 2SCDs, I will have to peek over there!!
Hope your getting some scrappen time! I am not! Next week... next week! LOL!!
Have a GREAT day!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

$20---WHAT A BARGAIN!!! i love both and me now-would have gone with orange, but i love the silver. she's beautiful in both. can't wait to see prom night photos.