Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend Sports Report

Cheryl played on Tuesday, by the time I finished work and drove down there, the game was already in the 2nd half and Cheryl was out. Now that she plays striker, she doesn't play the whole game anymore. She's the starting striker, so I didn't get to see her play at all. Sounds like not too much happened (offensively anyway). They lost 0-5.

Her Friday game was much better. They tied 1-1. Cheryl was in and out. She has to have her quad wrapped for the game. She said the wrapping fell off just before the game started; she had to have it re-wrapped; the re-wrapping was so tight, her foot fell asleep; and had to have it wrapped again. I also missed this game because the Cross Country team was taking team photos that afternoon.... no pictures of Cheryl this week.

There were no races this week. Chris played his soccer game on Sunday, and he actually started! He assisted a goal off a corner kick, and took three shots on goal (two over and one wide). His team won 7-1! I was so excited watching the game that I forgot to take photos (I even had my camera).

So, no sports photos this week. But here's a layout of the Disneyland Half-Marathon that I did this week for a challenge at Scrapbook Deals for You.


Kim Langston said...

Love the layout especially the pix of the race with you and Chris circled. Great effect!

BethieJ said...

Joni~ I LOVE the LO!! Great job!
NOPE I wasnt kidding saturday was card making day! LOL! honest.. and I didnt even make a card! SIGH! ran out of time! I made cookies! HA HA!!
Hope all is well with you and your family!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

Mara... said...

Joni, LOVE your marathon layout!! Awesome job!!! I really enjoy seeing your layouts, Joni. YOu should make more!! LOL! I'm not kidding. :-)

mel said...

awesome lo of you and chris!! ss about the game maybe next time dear friend..tfs

Mary said...

Great job! hahaha That is kind of funny about the pictures. That sounds like something I would do! hahaha

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

fab lo!! loving all the sports updates. k is LOVING soccer this year and she especially loves being goalie!!! she made her first stop the other day and was so freakin' excited. (hope to be able to post pics soon.)