Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekly Sports Report

The Capo Varsity XC did really well at Mt. Sac.! They came in 2nd place, only missing 1st by 4 points! The Sophmores did terribly. The top 3 runners were all not running (Chris being #2). I heard that there were 60+ calls made to 911 during the Varsity and Frosh races. So, they cut down the length of the course from 3 miles to 2 miles... they still had kids dropping from heat exhaustion, so they ended up cancelling the last race.

We don't know how Chris's soccer team did, because he missed the game.

Cheryl's team played in the "Toilet Bowl" this week. That means the winner of the game comes in 2nd to the last place, and the loser gets the honor of being in last. Well, they won! Saddleback is in 2nd to the last place! LOL! Cheryl spent the entire game working in the Saddleback defense. Saddleback beat Santa Ana 1-0. Unfortunately, one of the starting center mid-fielders was red carded and can't play in the game today against Fullerton. Cheryl scored against Fullerton last time they played. Maybe she can do it again today!

Galaxy played in a "Toilet Bowl" of their own. If Galaxy had won, they would have beat Dallas they would have moved ahead of them in the standings. As it was, Galaxy and Dallas tied 2-2. This left Galaxy in last place in MLS West.

I took Chris to his weekly checkup for his foot. The doctor said that she's 90% sure (because of the way it's healing) that he had a compression fracture. We opted to not have it x-rayed right after he hurt his foot, because the treatment for a sprain and a compression fracture were the same. Chris is planning to run this week in the Cluster meet Thursday afternoon. All the sophmore runners will be back from injury! I'm not sure how well they'll do since they haven't practiced for weeks.


Mary said...

Well, I am glad to hear that Chris is running! The Toilet Bowl Tournament is a funny term. I have not heard that one around here!

mel said...

thank for the update on him joni hope he heal fast..miss you not bloging more