Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekly Sports Report

I never quite got around to "Sports Report - Part 2" or even a regular sports report for last week.

Not too much went on. Cheryl's college team had 3 away games and lost all three. Her home game Tuesday was pretty exciting. (I missed the game because I was at work). Cheryl's team was down 0-2 at half time. Cheryl was moved back to defense... BTW, we call that defending a loss, which we don't see as a good idea... At the beginning of the second half, the other team scored and it was 0-3. THEN Cheryl's team came back scoring 2 goals and almost a third. The final score was a 2-3 loss. Cheryl assisted one of the goals (from defense)! She chipped the ball over the other team to the feet of the center midfielder, who turned, shot and scored! So, two kicks and the ball went 3/4 of the way down the field and into the net!!!

Now, Chris... Poor Chris... He's still out with a bum foot. He missed two soccer games and one XC meet. He'll probably miss the meet and soccer game this weekend too. His foot is getting better. He can walk on it without it hurting now, and has been running no more than 20 minutes on the grass. He has another doctor appointment this afternoon.

LA Galaxy played horribly and lost their chance for the MLS Playoffs. So, we are now Chivas USA fans! LOL! Cheryl met about half of the starting line-up for Chivas, and she pointed out that the players on Chivas are a lot nicer than the players on Galaxy. There is one more Galaxy home game this weekend, but win/lose/draw they are out of the playoffs. GO CHIVAS!

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BethieJ said...

I am sorry about the games and Chris's foot, I hope he is better ASAP.. I bet he is missing his running and games huh mom!!
BUNCO.. you know I LOVE it!! How fun you get to host in Nov.. if I was closer I would crash it! LOL!! Hmm advice, Have fun, and LOTS of wine.. well we all need LOTS of wine in ours anyway!! Have a GREAT time Joni!!
Have a great day.. I am off to scrap! Um I mean clean house! ;)