Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekly Sports Report

It's been a while since I've had sports photos to share. Chris ran his first race in 3 weeks. He didn't expect to do very well. He hasn't been practicing since he hurt his foot. He finished 7th in the school (a nonscoring position) at 19:57. One of the other boys passed Chris's PR. That dropped Chris down to #3 runner. He's not disappointed... He's just happy that he's running again! There is one more race next Thurs.

Cheryl is a star defender. She still thinks defense is boring, but she's doing very well. I've noticed that her style is changing, because the photos that I'm getting of her are so different this season than what I was taking before. Maybe this is her taking on a more aggressively defensive style. Her team lost on Tuesday against Fullerton, but they had to play without their starting center midfielder (she was red carded last game). Well, another midfielder was red carded in the game against Fullerton.... The season is getting rough!


BethieJ said...

YEAH Chris is back to runny! so glad to hear that Joni! As I am sure you are too! CONGRATS to Cheryl on the toilet bowl!! (hee hee! that made me laugh!) LOVED the photos Joni! You have some TALENTED kiddos!!
Happy Halloween!!!

Becky said...

I'm glad Chris is doing better! It looks like Cheryl is "coming into her own" in college soccer. Great pics! Your action shots are always fabulous!

Mara... said...

GREAT pics Joni!!!