Monday, March 16, 2009

Chris's Birthday weekend

Dad, Tell mom we can't make it for lunch Sunday.

NOTE about sports this coming week:
Chris is sports-less this week... no soccer games and no track meet.
Cheryl has:
Team Bob game on Tuesday night.
AYSO game on Saturday, at 12pm at RSM Intermediate - Track
AYSO game on Sunday, at 2:30pm at Melinda Park

Galaxy kick-off at 12pm SUNDAY!!!

Happy Birthday, Big Guy! It's a BIG family weekend. We started out with a fun dinner show at the Norwalk South East Japanese Community Center, and ended Sunday with a birthday party for Chris.

Look at all that GREAT food!

After that my mom's hula group did several dances, the ukelele band performed, and the taiko group.

We even won a raffle prize!


Mary said...

hahaha I know which one is your mom! All the ladies look just beautiful!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

so very cool! {we had japanese last night...yummy!}

BethieJ said...

Oh Joni.. that looks like a GREAT birthday celebration ~ the food does look YUMMY!!!