Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly Sports Reoprt

Lots of sports went on this week... We'll start with Chris. Capo tied the track meet with Aliso Niguel. Capo always loses track meets, so tieing was a BIG deal! Chris wasn't feeling well. He ran the 1 mile in 5:22, and came in last place in the 2 mile at sometime less than 12 minutes.

Chris lost his Saturday soccer game 1-2. It was a terrible game to watch.
The referee lost control... a fight broke out with 10 minutes to go where one of the San Juan players tackled a player on Chris's team (a football tackle, not soccer tackle). Two San Juan players were red carded including their keeper. That would have given Chris's team a chance to tie it up, but the fight took so long to settle down that by then the game was over. Sunday, Chris was amazing! I forget how well he plays when he doesn't run 10 miles in the morning. The team still lost 0-1.

Cheryl scored on Saturday and on Sunday! Saturday she was involved in a scramble in front of the goal. The other team's keeper lost control of the ball and she knocked it into the goal, but her team still lost 2-4. On Sunday, she chipped the ball at the 18 yard line. It looked like it was going over the goal, but it dropped right under the cross bar! She scored the first goal, and her team won 3-1! Team Bob was a loss... 2-4. They played another coed team whose women players were all from the Cal State Fullerton soccer team. Those women were really really good!

Next week's sports schedule:

THURS - track meet at Capo
SAT - soccer at 8:30am (Laguna Hills Comm Ctr)
SUN - soccer at 3:25PM (World Cup)

TUES - soccer at 8:30PM (Bonita Park)
SAT - soccer at 3:20PM (Melinda)
SUN - soccer at 11:00AM (Melinda)

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Mary said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a busy time! YEA! for Cherl!!!